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St Laurence's

C of E Primary School

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English is planned based on our English long-term plan.  Children develop their skills through units of work based around quality texts or writing genres.  Writing outcomes are chosen to develop children’s understanding of audience and purpose.

The texts used across the English curriculum include a range of classic stories, contemporary fiction and traditional tales, including myths and legends, to ensure coverage and progression throughout the school.

Within each unit children are taught the necessary grammar and text type features to enable their writing to be successful. 


We currently teach children phonics using the Letters and Sounds scheme that we have adapted to suit our children. 


We teach reading through:

English lessons, whole class reading sessions, independent reading, phonics and story time.

Children also take home banded reading books from wide range of authors and publishers. Our range includes fiction, non-fiction and poetry.   

Spelling and Handwriting

Spelling and Handwriting are taught each week. We have our own routeway for spellings which ensures that children revisit the key spelling rules throughout their time at our school.  Spelling begins in Y2, when children are secure with their knowledge and application of phonics and continues throughout Key Stage 2. 

Handwriting focuses initially on letter formation, building to the development of a fluent joined handwriting style.  Children are awarded pen licences at different stages of their handwriting development.