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St Laurence's

C of E Primary School

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Pen Licence

Non-negotiables: On the Way Award Star Pencil

1. I must have a sharp pencil.

2. Finger spaces between words.

3. My letter formation must be correct.

4. My letters must ‘sit’ on the line.


Steps to success: Pre-Pen Licence - Propeller ready for take-off!

1. Make sure capital letters are clearly a different size to your lower-case letters.

2. All lower-case letters should be the same size.

3. Most words will be starting to join letters.


Steps to success: Pen Licence

1. Letters should be of a consistent size throughout all writing.

2. Ascenders (tall letters) should not be touching the lines and descenders (long letters) should not interfere with the next line.

3. Most letters, apart from capitals or some

descenders, should be smoothly joined.

4. Errors must be crossed out neatly in pencil.

5. Any underlining or labelling lines should be

with a pencil and ruler.


Steps to success: Advanced Pen Licence

1. Writing is consistently sized and smoothly joined.

2. If your style is adapting, it must be fluent and neat, including consistent angle of any slanting letters.

3. Choose the correct instrument (fountain pen,

roller pen or pencil) for the writing needed!