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Welcome to the English area! In this area you will be able to play on different games to improve your writing and spelling.


Weekly challenge

Hello year 1!

Each week we would like for you to write a letter to Miss Good or Miss Hindhaugh.

In your letter you could write about your week, what you have been doing or just anything that you would like to tell us. We hope that by doing this we can all stay in contact and you can keep practicing your writing. Once you have wrote your letter, make sure that you take a picture and email it to for your teacher to see.

Remember to check the website weekly, because we will also be writing letters to you. 


  • Use your full stops and capital letters, you could even try to use exclamation marks and question marks.
  • Try to keep your writing neat and make sure that your letters are the correct way round.
  • You could even practice linking your sentences cohesively, like we been learning at school.


Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you.


Please find the letters from us below. 

Miss Good


Hello 1G smiley

Thank you to the children that have sent me your letters, I loved reading through them!

I hope that you are all enjoying the last week of the Easter holidays and you have eaten lots of Easter eggs!

This week I have done the same as last week really! I have continued planning work for you all for next week, we are going to start a new story called The paper bag princess'. It involves dragons so hopefully you will all enjoy it! Me and Bailey have both been enjoying the sunshine, I hope it lasts! Keep sending me your work to laugh


Miss Good 


Miss Hindhaugh


Hello everybody! Happy Easter weekend smiley I hope you have been able to enjoy the sunshine and get outside for a little bit. This week I have been doing some school work and have filmed the video some of you may have seen on Facebook - we're all in this together! It was so much fun to film. I have been making some chocolate chip cupcakes, they were a bit burnt but I still ate them cheeky. On disney+ I watched the Christopher Robin film. I can now say it's my new favourite film, give it a watch if you can. It made me want a real life Pooh bear. Miss Good and I have a year 1 email now which is, so you can send us work, questions and messages even if you just want to say hello. 

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing some of your letters! 

Enjoy! Miss Hindhaugh x