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St Laurence's

C of E Primary School

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At St. Laurence's we follow two curricula to guide our pupils through a better understanding of worldviews and world religions. These are Understanding Christianity and the Coventry and Warwickshire Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Aims and Intent




At St. Laurence's, our aim is to provide a well-rounded and inclusive Religious Education (RE) curriculum that fosters pupils' understanding of different religious and non-religious worldviews, develops their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural awareness, and promotes mutual respect and tolerance. We believe RE plays a vital role in preparing our pupils for life in a diverse society, enabling them to develop empathy, critical thinking, and an appreciation for different beliefs and values.

Our intent is to ensure that our RE curriculum is broad and balanced, incorporating major world religions and non-religious perspectives, while considering the cultural and geographical contexts relevant to our pupils. We strive to provide a rich learning experience that challenges preconceived ideas, encourages reflection, and enables pupils to make connections with their own lives.


To achieve our intent, we ensure that the implementation of our RE curriculum is underpinned by the following key principles and approaches:

High-Quality Teaching and Learning

We provide high-quality teaching and learning experiences through skilled and knowledgeable teachers who have a deep understanding of RE and its significance. Our teachers are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure their subject knowledge remains current and robust. They use a variety of pedagogical strategies, such as open-ended questioning, group discussions, and experiential activities, to engage pupils and encourage them to think critically.

Inclusive and Stimulating Learning Environment

We create an inclusive learning environment where all pupils feel safe to express their beliefs, values, and opinions, knowing they will be treated with respect and sensitivity. As part of this, we celebrate the diversity of beliefs and cultures represented in our school community. Our classroom displays reflect the inclusivity of RE, showcasing pupils' work from different religious and non-religious perspectives.

Well-Structured Curriculum

The delivery of our RE curriculum is carefully planned, ensuring coverage of diverse religious and non-religious content. We follow a progressive framework that builds on pupils' prior knowledge, allowing them to deepen their understanding as they progress through the primary years. Our curriculum includes opportunities for pupils to explore sacred texts, visit local places of worship, and engage with representatives from various faith communities.

Engaging Learning Resources

We provide a range of high-quality resources, including books, artifacts, and multimedia materials, to support the teaching and learning of RE. These resources are selected to represent a variety of religious and non-religious viewpoints, thereby exposing pupils to a diverse range of beliefs and practices.

Personal Reflection and Spiritual Development

We encourage pupils to engage in personal reflection and spiritual development as part of their RE learning journey. We provide opportunities for pupils to explore their own beliefs, values, and emotions, as well as those of others, in a safe and supportive environment. Pupils are encouraged to consider ethical and philosophical questions and develop their own moral compass.


The impact of our outstanding RE provision is evident in all aspects of our school community:

Pupil Outcomes

Pupils develop a deep understanding and respect for different religious and non-religious worldviews. They can articulate beliefs and values confidently and empathetically, demonstrating a readiness to engage with diverse perspectives. Pupil outcomes in RE are monitored through assessments that capture their progress in knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking skills.

Cultural Capital

Our RE curriculum equips pupils with the cultural capital to thrive in today's diverse society. They develop a respect and appreciation for religious and non-religious beliefs and practices, fostering harmonious relationships and contributing positively to the wider community. Pupils gain a comprehensive understanding of British values and develop a strong sense of identity within a multicultural society.

Personal Development

RE contributes significantly to pupils' personal development. It promotes social and emotional well-being, resilience, and empathy. Pupils demonstrate a high level of self-awareness, ethical reasoning, and moral responsibility, preparing them to navigate the complex ethical and moral challenges they may encounter in their lives.

Parent and Community Involvement

Our exceptional RE provision extends beyond the classroom, reaching out to parents and the wider community. We foster strong partnerships with parents, engaging them in their child's religious and moral education. We also collaborate with local faith communities, inviting guest speakers, arranging visits, and involving them in curriculum planning, to further enrich pupils' understanding of different beliefs and practices.

In conclusion, we strive to ensure that our pupils acquire the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary to explore their own and others' worldviews. They are encouraged to become tolerant, respectful, and responsible citizens who can contribute positively to a diverse and multicultural society.


R.E Curriculum Overview at St. Laurence's

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the curriculum that your child is studying,

are able to offer your time as a representative of a world religion or view, to visit a class and answers children's questions, please feel free to contact the RE Lead teacher via the school office.

Mrs. Karen Blackburn

R.E. Lead