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St Laurence's

C of E Primary School

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We are starting the term with Harry Potter. JK Rowling is a celebrated author and this book provides children with fantastic examples of descriptive writing.  After Harry Potter we will be looking at writing explanation texts about Mountain Explorers.

During our reading sessions children are encouraged to develop their understanding of texts and in particular to support their views with evidence from what they have read.

At the beginning of the term the children are assessed on the year five and six spelling words which. Children are expected to practice at home the words that they are not yet able to spell correctly.

As always, please read with your child on a regular basis and encourage them to regularly change their books.



This term we will be focusing on number skills. Children will be encouraged to extend their understanding of place value, sequences and ordering by working with larger numbers up to one million and decimals up to 3 decimal places. The children will also be rounding numbers, using their answers to estimate. 


The children will be looking at Mountains during the Spring term. Here is the list of questions the children will explore:


  • What is a mountain?  How were they formed?
  • Where are the significant mountains in the world?   (inc. Himalayas)
  • What is it like in the Himalayas?  Who lives there?
  • Can I make a 3D model of a mountain?
  • Where are the significant mountains in the UK? (inc. Snowdonia)
  • What is the landscape like?  What is the climate like?  How does this compare to Coventry?
  • Can I design and make soup for a mountain expedition?



This term we will be exploring Creation and Incarnation.  The children will be discussing Genesis and asking questions about science and religion. We will explore why Jesus’ birth was a significant moment for Christians and how that moment still impacts us today.



We will cover two units this term; Blood heart and Light up. In the first unit, the children will be investigating what makes the heart healthy and how it functions. The children will recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function as well as describe the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans. In the second unit, children will investigate how light travels, how we can see objects and explain why shadows have the same shape as their objects.


Our focus this term is Protective Behaviours and No Outsiders.

Children will be encouraged to find ways they can keep them selves safe, how they know they feel safe and unsafe and how to accept others for who they are.