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At St Laurence's we believe that PSHE is a vital part of our curriculum that promotes good character development and enables our pupils to become productive members of society. We deliver a curriculum that follows guidance given by the Department for Education and from the PSHE Association. This webpage has information regarding the curriculum that we offer. Policies that are related to PSHE can be found on our website under Home - Key information - Policies. If you have any questions about the PSHE curriculum please do not hesitate to get in touch. Miss Purewal is currently the PSHE Lead and would be happy to help.

Protective Behaviours


Protective behaviours are taught across all year groups in autumn term. Each year group have 4 lessons, each with their own theme. In this unit, pupils are taught the following:

  • Rights - specifically our right to feel safe
  • Emotional awareness - this involves understanding and naming our emotions
  • Our network - this teaches pupils to identify who they can trust and turn to for help
  • Boundaries and body privacy
  • Safe and unsafe secrets. 

No Outsiders


No Outsiders is a programme of study that is taught in autumn term directly after the protective behaviours unit. It allows pupils to recognise and embrace the diversity around them in preparation for global citizenship. The concept behind No Outsiders is that everyone is welcome regardless of their background. Children's books are used to deliver messages of acceptance. Below is a document that outlines the books in more depth: 

Jigsaw PSHE


Jigsaw covers the majority of the PSHE curriculum. It is introduced in autumn (after the No Outsiders unit) and continues to be taught all the way through summer term. Jigsaw has 6 units known as puzzles. Each puzzle is made up of 6 lessons. The unit titles are listed below:


  • Being Me in My World
  • Celebrating Difference
  • Dreams and Goals
  • Healthy Me
  • Relationships
  • Changing Me




For more information about the Jigsaw scheme of learning please see the curriculum overview and introductory video: